“This experience will certainly give us the opportunity to obtain new skills in an important sector such as photovoltaics, fostering our personal and professional growth” said the newcomers.


For years, EF Solare has supported the education of future solar professionals by taking an active part in specialized courses in the sector, sharing its own knowledge and experience.

The development of renewable energies certainly requires the support of institutions and organizations, but also fresh perspectives to respond to emerging needs.


For this reason, it is essential not only to create shared knowledge, but also to enrich teams with new professionals and ideas that can support the present and future development of renewables.

Therefore, we decided to collect the point of view of the young resources who have joined our team in recent months, after completing their training in the SAFE Master’s program or Accademia del Sole. We are sure that with their enthusiasm and determination they will contribute to the development of an increasingly sustainable future.



What motivated you to start studies on photovoltaics? According to you, how important is the development of renewables to protect the planet?


“Environmental issues are very close to my heart. The energy sector is experiencing a moment of deep change that offers great opportunities. The development of renewables is crucial to protect the planet as it is one of the most effective actions we can take to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable production system,’ said Andrea Blason, a former student of the SAFE master’s program who is now in the External Communication area of EF Solare. Along with him, other new colleagues underlined their sensitivity towards protecting the planet. “Growing up, I realized the importance of respecting the environment. That is where my desire to start a profession that would contribute to the defense of nature was born,” commented Seddik Bensmak, a former student of the Accademia del Sole who now works in Sicily in the Operations & Maintenance area of EF Solare.


“In this historical moment,” remarked Eduardo Ballo from the SAFE master’s course and now in the Business Development area of EF Solare, “the development of renewables is essential, and we need a transition that aims to integrate the different sources available. Photovoltaics is among the most promising solutions with exciting potential for growth”.


What are the characteristics of EF Solare that impressed you as students and that are making you face this new work experience with enthusiasm?


“In the different meetings with EF Solare, through the lessons, the company day and the visit to the Montalto di Castro plant, I perceived strong expertise and professionalism, but above all determination to set more and more ambitious goals, that now I embrace by joining the Group,” replied Francesca Tornesi from the SAFE master’s program, now in the Business Development area.


“Since the beginning of this professional experience, I have found a peaceful and collaborative environment, very careful about training and engagement of newcomers,” commented Andrea Blason.


“The high level of security on which all production activities are based allows me to approach my duties in the best possible way. This gives me the opportunity to learn at my best,” added Seddik Bensmak.


What do you expect from this professional experience? And more generally, what contribution do you think young workers can make in a company like EF Solare?


“This experience will certainly give us the opportunity to obtain new skills in an important sector such as photovoltaics, fostering our personal and professional growth” said the newcomers. ” As young resources, we can bring enthusiasm and new perspectives to play our part in the future challenges that the energy sector will have to face, committing ourselves to sharing new positive energy every day” they emphasized in conclusion.



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