Our goal: lead the development of the solar industry

Our mission

At EF Solare Italia, we aim to lead the growth of the solar industry in Italy and Europe to achieve the set goals.

By 2030, over 40% of the gross final electricity demand should be satisfied by renewable sources.

Every day, with over 1 GW of operational capacity in Italy and Spain, we work to optimize our photovoltaic systems through revamping and repowering activities, while simultaneously developing new production capacity.

In doing so, we play a significant role in decarbonization and in the production of green energy at both the national and European levels.

  • F2i – Fondi Italiani per le Infrastrutture is the largest closed-end fund in the country dedicated to infrastructure investments. It has been active in the photovoltaic industry since 2009.


  • Crédit Agricole Assurances is the leading French institutional investor in renewable energies.



F2i sets up HFV, a JV with Novenergia fund, dedicated to investments in the solar industry in Italy

2010 - 2015

HFV starts its growth journey by building, buying and operating photovoltaic plants. At the end of 2015 the installed capacity reached 195 MW, of which 150 MW pertaining F2i

End of 2015

The JV withNovenergia ends and EF Solare Italia, an equal joint venture between F2i and Enel Green Power, starting with a 252 MW portfolio


EF Solare Italia grows thanks to the acquisitions on the Italian secondary market. By the end of the year it has become the leading operator of the market with 358 MW


The growth continues: EF Solare Italia buys an additional 35 MW

End of 2018

F2i buys the second Italian solar operator and has it merged in EF Solare Italia: it’s RTR, with 134 plants and 334 MW of capacity. The JW with Enel Green Power ends. Thanks to finalization of other acquisition offerings EF Solare Italia ends the year with a portfolio of more than 300 plants, with a capacity of 790 MW


EF Solare Italia is ready to lead the growth of the solar industry, looking at new industrial and market opportunities


EF Solare acquires the Spanish operator Renovalia. Andrea Ghiselli is appointed CEO. EF Solare wins Terna’s “Fast Reserve” auction for the supply of 10MW of photovoltaic storage.


Crédit Agricole Assurances acquires 30% of EF Solare. EF Solare has over 1 GW of pv plants in operations.

What We Do
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