“At EF Solare, we want everybody to be involved, heard, and feel part of something important. To achieve our goals, commitment, and cooperation of everybody in the company are key”


A company’s success is not only determined by choosing the best business strategies but also by the ability to engage its people. The group’s ambitious goals can be achieved only with the contribution of all team members. EF Solare always pays special attention to the well-being of its employees to create a healthy, stimulating, and engaging work environment.  

For this reason, the HR area has launched several initiatives for the listening and engagement of employees, to improve the level of satisfaction and well-being in the work environment. At the beginning of 2022, the team conducted a company climate survey involving all colleagues to identify areas of improvement.

The findings of this survey led to the creation of the We4EF project. 


The WE4EF project

The people of EF Solare decided to voluntarily put themselves at the service of their colleagues to identify a series of initiatives to address the needs that emerged from the survey and make the work environment even more positive and collaborative. They are the key contributors to the success of We4EF. 

The dedicated worktables developed several projects, including:

-The creation of a corporate intranet, recently launched online, allows one to easily and quickly share information and documents, creating a virtual community among all employees. 

-The definition of shared golden rules makes internal group communication increasingly fruitful and effective. 

-The development of the “Progetto Conoscersi” project, a series of periodic meetings, allows the various areas of the company to meet each other and present their objectives and activities. 

-The definition of employee onboarding initiatives is to accompany new resources as they enter the company, helping them in their knowledge of the areas and activities of the company.  


The We4EF project is pivotal in creating shared value within the company. The project will continue in the coming months and include new moments of confrontation to identify needs. New growth opportunities will arise thanks to the collaboration between the company and the employees.

“Every day, at EF Solare, we work to build an increasingly inclusive work environment. We are a growing reality, yet our dimension allows each colleague to leave her footprint on the company. We want everybody to be involved, heard, and feel part of something important, becoming a team ambassador and sharing the same values and goals of the company. It is just the beginning. The project includes many new initiatives to listen and engage employees in a continuous improvement process designed to create value for EF Solare. To achieve our goals, commitment, and cooperation of everybody in the company are key”, said Maurizio Leone, Head of the Organization.

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