“The current challenges of the labor market, especially in a fast-growing industry like photovoltaics, are more complex every day.”


The photovoltaic industry continues to grow, and with it also our company, which is its leader in Italy and among the top players in Europe. The photovoltaic workforce in Europe has increased by 39% in the last year, and according to Solar Power Europe estimates, it will reach 1 million employees by 2025.

This figure confirms the importance of solar energy for economic development and the future of the renewable energy sector. Therefore, we at EF Solare Italia continue to enhance our internal resources and promote employment, expanding our teams with new and young resources who will be the engine for the growth of the Group. 

Since the beginning of this year, 24 new colleagues have reinforced our Italian team, bringing the number of people in the Group in Italy and Spain to almost 200. Precisely for this reason, consistent with the ongoing growth and to offer increasingly attentive service to the employees of EF Solare Italia, our Human Resources Department is also evolving, not only as a workforce but also by activating projects and initiatives that can create a work environment that is increasingly dynamic, inclusive, and in line with the development expectations of the photovoltaic sector. 

To this end, we decided to improve our listening activities, starting with periodic analyses of the business climate. This initiative has given impetus to the creation of several projects, thanks in part to the direct participation of 90% of employees, who have found fertile ground for their ideas, collaborating firsthand in building a new and richer working environment. 

This is a structured listening process that will enable the HR team to constantly prove the employee experience and, as a result, act in an increasingly timely manner. For the same reason, we have established, within the HR area, an Engagement and Internal Communication organizational unit with the task of further improving Employer Branding and the company’s ability to attract and retain talent. 

In addition, we have introduced a hybrid workplace approach, favoring a solution that allows for a good work-life balance. Meeting all of us physically, however, remains very important to us to successfully build the human relationships that are the basis of a good corporate climate. 

Precisely for this reason, we have once again proposed this year our corporate team building event, bringing together all 120 of the Group’s Italian employees to share precious opportunities to meet: two days for the whole team to get together in the spirit of sharing, which is encouraged daily in all our activities, beyond physical distance. 

“The event was a success, with a high participation rate: we had the opportunity to meet everyone again, re-embrace familiar faces, and get to know our new colleagues. Our Management had the occasion to take stock of the industry and company goals, thus ensuring alignment and engagement on results, all in a collaborative and cheerful setting. The current challenges of the labor market, especially in a fast-growing industry like photovoltaics, are more complex every day. At EF Solare Italia, we recognize and daily live the strategic importance of people and talent to succeed in overcoming them” commented Ubaldo Zanetti, Head of HR.

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