EF Solare Italia is committed every day to promote the best practices and the diffusion of HSE culture in the industry.


Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental protection (HSE), are essential values in any company and are held in particular regard by those operating in the industrial sector, where is working EF Solare Italia, the leading Italian photovoltaic power generation operator, with more than 300 plants located across the nation.

At the start of 2019, to underline the importance of these topics for the company, EF Solare Italia has created a department dedicated to manage all HSE aspects.

The HSE Integrated Management System, which is being implemented, is aimed at performances continuous improvement, leading to a number of voluntary activities aligned with the company’s HSE Policy targets. Among these, one can find safe-driving classes for employees, training on semi-automatic defibrillator, the installation of automatic fire detection systems inside the electrical cabins of the PV plants, etc.

The analyst of the company’s operational environment and the correlated risk analysis are the foundations of the HSE activity, where strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified. EF Solare Italia, through a strong management commitment, is able to handle the high number of assets distributed across the nation. Moreover, the continuous focus on the development of new technologies allows facing extreme weather conditions, fires and thefts.

Handling more than three hundred PV plants in seventeen Italian Regions is a complex challenge, which is met also through synergy between Departments. HSE Dept. has been actively involved in the internalization process of electrical maintenance, an objective of the company’s strategic plan guided by Operations & Maintenance Dept., which will allow to directly manage a large number of PV plants. The synergy with Innovation & Technology Dept. will allow developing new solutions to face external threat to the business.

EF Solare Italia, being the leading Italian photovoltaic power generation operator, is committed every day to guarantee the health and safety of the people and the environmental protection in regard to its activity, and to promote the best practices and the diffusion of HSE culture in the industry.

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