Our goal: consolidating the photovoltaic market by managing plants with an industrial approach.

About Us

We are the leading operator in the photovoltaic sector in Italy.

We always operate as the market leader and the leading player in consolidating the photovoltaic sector in Italy.  We act as the aggregator on the secondary photovoltaic market. We offer opportunities to small and medium owners of photovoltaic plants. We have an industrial approach based on efficiency improvement and technological evolution of the sector.

Our first portfolio consisted of 65 plants in 12 different regions. Now it includes over 300 plants with an installed capacity of nearly 800 MW in Italy.

Sole Shareholder
  • F2i is the largest closed-end Italian fund dedicated to investments in the infrastructure sector. Since 2009 it has been operating in the photovoltaic sector.

Our Mission

We produce energy from renewable sources. The sector is able to meet simultaneously the requirements of CO2 production reduction, the security of Italian energy supply and the increase of industrial competitiveness by developing and using frequent technological innovations. The renewable energy sector, especially the photovoltaic sector, is constantly growing and is undergoing a deep transformation process. This is also shown by the Italian and European legislation. In Italy there is a significant market fragmentation. Therefore, market consolidation is necessary in order to reach the European and Italian climate goals. EF Solare Italia team’s mission is to act as an aggregator with an industrial approach based on assets management optimisation. We use innovative dedicated platforms to manage small-sized photovoltaic plants in a comprehensive manner.

At the operational level, EF Solare Italia’s strategy is based on three main axes:

  1. Plants acquisition. We leverage on the high market fragmentation and the availability of plants for sale;
  2. Operations and Performance improvement through technological development and growth. We strengthen synergies linked to economies of scale and asset management with a geographical approach. Moreover, we develop Asset Management and O&M models with an innovative approach based on specialized skills and the development of a managerial model based on Digital Energy and more efficient structure and resources;
  3. Financial optimisation of plants portfolio. We take advantage of the opportunities offered by growth and the use of alternative forms of financing.


Before 2015

From 2009 onwards Enel Green Power and F2i, through Holding Fotovoltaica, built, acquired and managed photovoltaic plants, becoming two of the main operators in the sector.

2015 - 2016

EF SOLARE ITALIA was established with an initial managed portfolio of almost 260 MW.

2016 - 2017

EF SOLARE ITALIA acquired more than 130 MW on the secondary market.


EF SOLARE ITALIA growth process is not coming to a halt.

Our Stories

The photovoltaic industry is experiencing an intense season of technological evolution, in parallel with the growth of production and installations.


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