“Spain plays a significant role in EF Solare’s development plans, and with the new Bolarque plant, the Group aims to elevate its sustainability standards”


Diversification of investments, enrichment of the Group’s portfolio, and a push towards renewable energy to further accelerate the reduction of climate-changing emissions: EF Solare Italia reaffirms its role in green energy by commencing construction at the Bolarque site in Spain, located in the Guadalajara region. This facility alone will prevent the emission of 30,000 tons of equivalent CO2 per year, reaching an installed capacity of 126 megawatts and covering the electricity consumption of 63,000 Spanish households. The project is part of EF Solare’s broader development plan in Spain, where, through its subsidiary Renovalia, the company aims to develop a project pipeline of almost one gigawatt, thereby strengthening its international presence.


EF Solare Italia’s internationalization strategy is a testament to its commitment to becoming one of the leading solar energy producers in Europe. The construction site, expected to be completed by August 2024, incorporates new solutions such as solar-powered construction machinery, showcasing an innovative and increasingly sustainable approach to realizing new projects. This represents continuous innovation in an industry that remains at the forefront of international discourse, as evidenced in the recent COP28 in Dubai, where governments worldwide committed to tripling installed renewable power to drive climate change action.



The implementation of the Bolarque plant is geared towards maximum sustainability. Both the machinery used to secure the structures hosting photovoltaic modules and those used to install cables are powered by solar energy. The construction service provider, ER Ingenierìa, employs machinery powered solely by green energy from the photovoltaic modules installed on the trailer, which also functions for transporting construction materials and providing shade to workers. The photovoltaic energy can be stored using batteries, enabling work even on cloudy days.



For a large-scale construction site like Bolarque, the amount of fossil fuels typically used to operate construction machinery can be estimated at over 600 liters of diesel per day, corresponding to a net emission of about 2 tons of CO2, equivalent to the amount absorbed by 50,000 trees in a year. The use of electric construction machinery allows the avoidance of these emissions, minimizing environmental impact.


Spain plays a significant role in EF Solare’s development plans, and with the new Bolarque plant, the Group aims to elevate its sustainability standards. This project not only reduces CO2 emissions but also paves the way for innovative solutions. From solar-powered construction machinery to the use of the most advanced and efficient technological components, we are working to be leaders in the future of energy. Our ESG commitment goes beyond green energy production: we strive for increasingly sustainable business practices,” commented Andrea Ghiselli, CEO of EF Solare Italia.


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