EF Solare strongly believes in the value of training and education to stimulate a virtuous sharing of knowledge in order to create wealth and value for today and for the future.


EF Solare has been supporting the SAFE Master for years by taking part in the lessons and activities planned with the aim of contributing to the education and training of the next generation of renewable energy professionals, sharing the main knowledge of today in order to better face future challenges.

On the occasion of this edition of the Master, despite the limitations caused by the emergency of Covid-19, were organized not only remote lessons, but also a visit to the EF Solare photovoltaic plant of Cassiopea, during which students were accompanied by some colleagues as special guides: Serena Manni, Marco Ranno, Giorgio Marinozzi, Marco Spescha and Aurelio Calabrò. EF Solare received the “Best Field Visit” award assigned by the master students to the best plant visit made during the course. The award recognizes the ability of the technical staff to present with great competence the operational dynamics, stimulating the curiosity and learning of students.

During the award ceremony at the end of this edition of the Master, we collected some considerations of colleagues and students, now part of the EF Solare group, about the course and what will be the next challenges for photovoltaics.

What did you learn from your visit to EF Solare and which factor made it unique and challenging for your learning?
“The visit to the Cassiopea photovoltaic plant was an astounding and unique experience especially for the precision with which the operation of the plant was presented. The clarity and competence of the EF Solare team allowed us to satisfy all of our curiosity and learn concretely all the phases of work that are carried out within the plant. During the visit we really felt the love and dedication of EF Solare’s staff in exposing the knowledge of the sector” said Antonino Morgante, former student and new entry in the Asset Management area.

What do you expect from the future professional experience in the Group?
“The work experience we’ll face in EF Solare will be essential for our formation and to become future solar professionals. We will have the opportunity to increase our knowledge and skills on green energy production that our planet needs now more than ever. We are proud to be part of a dynamic company like EF Solare and we are very confident for this adventure because we will be supported by professional and competent colleagues” admitted Valeria Ferro, former student of the SAFE master and now part of the Operations support & Optimizations group of EF Solare.

The experience of lessons and trainig, both in the classroom and in the field, has involved and impressed not only the students but also the EF Solare team that has participated in these days of learning, with new emotions and motivations born from meeting the students.

What have you learned from this teaching experience? What kind of value does it represent for your daily work?
“This experience has highlighted the great interest young people have in important issues related to the environment and new energy needs. We need to cultivate the enthusiasm and curiosity of these young people through continuous training and experience in the field, so that they can face, with the appropriate skills, the challenges of today’s world and the difficulties of our work,” said Serena Manni, Area Manager Centre North.

“It is necessary to continue to instill passion in young people by encouraging their learning. It’s a virtuous cycle whereby sharing passion leads to generating new passion within yourself as well, increasing the motivation in your daily work,” commented Marco Ranno, Head of Business Operations.

How important is training (and in particular that of young people) for the development of the photovoltaic sector?
Training is fundamental at all levels. A company is made up of people, who, if trained in a targeted and continuous way to do their job at their best, can only advance their team and therefore the company itself,” said Marco Ranno, Head of Business Operations.

“Today it is essential to train young talents and encourage their interests, especially in a constantly evolving context such as renewable energy. Young people are “technological” by nature and this, combined with the innovations of the sector, can incentivize the renewal and development of simpler, faster and more efficient working methods, to which experience and knowledge can be added to improve a sector that is today in constant evolution.” replied Giorgio Marinozzi, Technology Inspection in EF Solare.

What contribution do you think young workers can make in a company like EF Solare?
“Young people must become agents of change, open to embrace the continuous developments in the industry. We must provide them with all the knowledge, skills and values necessary to make them more aware and prepare them for the wonderful challenges that are ahead so that they are able to contribute significantly to the development of photovoltaics, towards a more sustainable and green future,” pointed out Marco Spescha and Aurelio Calabrò, from EF Solare’s HSE team.


Every day each one of us builds the foundations for our future and for the Planet and for this reason EF Solare strongly believes in the value of training and education to stimulate a virtuous sharing of knowledge in order to create wealth and value for today and for the future.

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