Today we are launching a new “Solar Professionals” section where you can discover professions, but first and foremost, the people who are part of the EF Solare team.

#solarprofessionals – Martin Guzzetti’s Identikit

Today we are launching a new “Solar Professionals” section where you can discover professions, but first and foremost, the people who are part of the EF Solare team. Through the words of the interviewees, of their stories, in identikit format, we would like to stimulate young professionals and reveal the commitment of those who are “behind the scenes” in this sector providing clean energy every day to the Country.


Name, surname and role

Martin Guzzetti, Head of Innovation & Technology

What does the profession of manager in the Innovation & Technology area involve?

“I’m responsible for an important and ambitious programme within the 2019-2023 business plan which has as its objectives: the technological modernisation of existing plants, the construction of new photovoltaic plants, in Italy and abroad (especially in Spain after the recently announced acquisition of the operator Renovalia) and and the implementation of projects with new technologies related to the company’s business such as energy storage”.

What will be the challenges in your area for the up-coming months in EF Solare?

The challenges are many and we’ll work with the team, first of all, to make EF Solare an industrial reality more and more at the forefront from the technological point of view, able to guide, with its own example as a leader in the sector, a digital transformation not only in the italian market but also in the european one. A key point in the up-coming months will be succeeding in optimizing procedures to simplify the operations of the colleagues and to contribute to the achievement of ambitious objectives set out in the business plan”.

What course of study did you take?

My path begins in Bergamo where I graduated in computer engineering, it continues with a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano where I also obtained a Master’s degree in Project Management of Structural and Infrastructural Works. Another step in my formation was the double Master’s degree in Renewable Energy at  The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres in Bruxelles and at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands”.

What professional experience was the most impactful to you?

Each stage is fundamental and represents a piece in the construction of  one’s wealth of experience. For sure, the five years, from 2010 to 2016, spent in an engineering and construction multinational company, for which I followed large construction sites for infrastructure works in several african countries, was one of the most significant experiences. Working in a challenging environment and participating in projects with a very high level of difficulty and risk, has formed me as a professional”.

Any advice for those who want to take up with the profession?

Nowadays, the renewable energy field is one of the most promising and relevant of the modern industrial scene. Aiming at this sector with the very important mandate of having to contribute in a fundamental way to the sustainability and progress of our future, is certainly one of the most interesting choices that a young professional can make”.

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