EF Solare Italia is constantly engaged in research of new technologies to improve the monitoring and efficiency of its PV plants.


Revamping, in the solar industry, indicates the optimization of a system through the replacement of obsolete or damaged components, to increase its efficiency and to extend its lifetime. This makes it possible to generate more energy from solar sources, enhancing the 20 GW present today in Italy with the same soil-use.

EF Solare Italia has recently successfully completed two panel-revamping operations on two plants, one in Campania and one in Calabria. In both cases the intervention involved the installation of a lower number of modules compared to the number of panels removed, since the installed modules have a higher nominal power than the original ones. The revamping of the systems resulted in an increase in PR of 7-9%, increasing the PR post-intervention of 80-85%.

A preliminary investigation, by means of a thermographic survey and analysis of the I-V curves, found that the old panels had deteriorated in performance beyond the expectations indicated by the manufacturer during the purchase phase. In particular, the replaced modules had hot-spots diffused and browning of the encapsulated EVA: the latter is a darkening of a film that wraps the module, which should normally be transparent, often caused by the hot-spot phenomenon.

In addition to the replacement of the photovoltaic modules, an adaptation of the field and string switchboards was carried out. The revamping interventions, not only improved the performance of the two systems, but also led to a change in their layout. The installation of more powerful, but of equal physical size modules, has allowed the use a smaller surface area of the structures, thus opening the opportunity to another type of intervention aimed at enhancing the existing photovoltaic systems: “repowering intervention”. This activity allows to increase the power of the plant by installing new modules in the cleared space with the same surface area and using part of the existing connection infrastructure.

Precisely because of the importance of the technological component for the operation and maintenance of the plants, during the corporate restructuring EF Solare Italia set up a new Innovation & Technology function.

EF Solare Italia, as the first photovoltaic operator in the country, is constantly engaged in research and use of new technologies to improve the monitoring and efficiency of its plant portfolio. The company also wants to be a driving force for the technological and innovative development of the entire Italian photovoltaic sector, promoting the dissemination of good practices and skills.

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