“Decarbonization is radically transforming the energy sector. It is a fascinating journey – still to be written – in which each of us is called upon to play its own part and concretely contribute to deliver a more sustainable world to the future generations.” – Ettore Acampora, Head of Business Development & Energy Management.


ETTORE ACAMPORA – Head of Business Development & Energy Management

What educational and professional path did you pursue?

After Nunziatella military school, I held a Master’s degree in Management Engineering and then an MBA degree in Finance and Private Equity from Cornell University (US).

I began my career at ENEL focusing on asset management, energy management and investment development. During the last three years, as part of CEO Office team, I looked after the international renewable energy business of ENEL.

After my MBA, I joined Hudson Clean Energy Partners in the US executing investments and acquisitions of solar and wind power plants in the US and Latin America. In 2016, I moved to EOS Investment Management as Senior Energy Investment Manager leading the most relevant transactions and managing their portfolio of renewable energy assets. From 2018, I have spearheaded the global renewable development business and finance activities at SAIPEM.

What is the role of Head of Business Development & Energy Management about?

Strategically select and develop attractive investment opportunities and promote innovative energy solutions and business models in the solar sector to support the EF Solare’s growth while contributing to the welfare of communities and all stakeholders involved.

The new Business Unit of Business Development & Energy Management aims at putting forth an integrated and wider approach to the EF Solare’s business growth by combining two functions previously separated. Nowadays, indeed, the business development has to not only drive the development of new project initiatives, but also define innovative, connected and digital green energy solutions in order to create more added-value.

What are the main challenges to face in order to achieve the company’s targets?

EF Solare is already one of the major European players in solar energy exceeding 1 GW of installed capacity between Italy and Spain and we want to continue to grow and be leader in this sector.

Nowadays, the most relevant challenge of the development of new projects is the timing of the release of new authorizations. In Italy it takes on average twice as long as it is in other European countries. It is recommended to continue to work towards the definition of a clearer regulatory framework with defined times.

It is also necessary to strengthen the national electricity grid to facilitate the connection of new renewable energy installations thus achieving the national decarbonisation targets.

Finally, it is important to work by respecting, enhancing and engaging the local communities. For this reason, we have designed and developed an agro-photovoltaic model 2.0 that allows to simultaneously use the land for agriculture purposes and the electricity produced by the photovoltaic plant with mutual benefits for both sectors as well as positive employment impacts

What is the professional experience that has formed you the most?

All my previous professional experiences have significantly impacted on my knowledge and professional growth in different ways. Each of them has contributed to build a rounded set of skills and capabilities in the energy industry that now gives me the opportunity to look at the energy business from different perspectives. I believe that my experience and genuine passion for the renewable energy sector, combined with teamwork skills, will allow me to look positively forward to the next challenges of EF Solare.

What is your advice for those who want to take up this profession and approach the solar energy industry, which is now more crucial than ever?

Do not wait to do it longer. Decarbonization is radically transforming the energy sector impacting all industries now and changing the final customer paradigm while creating huge opportunities and several challenges. I recommend taking on these challenges with courage, determination and healthy fun where technical skills, problem-solving capabilities and new ideas will be essential to finding innovative solutions. It is a fascinating journey – still to be written – in which each of us is called upon to play its own part and concretely contribute to deliver a more sustainable world to the future generations.

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