The support for education means to us an essential commitment to contribute to a clean energy future for our State.


The energy industry is experiencing today a turning point in its transition toward a sustainable, efficient future: it is thus fundamental that new generations, the producers and users of tomorrow, acquire knowledge and culture about the energy world.

For this reason EF Solare Italia is putting ourselves on the line in the field of education with initiatives dedicated to the students of the whole curriculum, from elementary school to post-university master classes: we organize classes, to show the management and organization activities, and visits to our plants, to explain to the students how these clean energy plants work.

Through 2018 we have organized three trips to the Serre Persano plant, near Salerno, for elementary, middle and high school classes, involving 130 students overall. The kids have been able to see how solar radiations are converted into electric energy, for the life and the economy of the surrounding area.

In EF Solare Italia we support, since our establishment, two high-profile post-university master courses: the EFER Master of the La Sapienza University in Rome and the Energy Resources Management Master organized by SAFE. For these students, aiming at the job market and looking for a specialization the green economy market, we teach classes with the objective of showing how to efficiently manage a portfolio made by more than 120 utility-scale plants. This year for the first time we held classes in our HQ, allowing the participants to feel the professional environment that awaits them. Our company strongly believe in the importance of this kind of education and in its potential to link the participants to the job market and companies to new talents.

Among the initiatives we organize there are also meeting with the top management: our CEO Diego Percopo on June 27 will meet the students from SAFE master. He will get the chance to discuss with them about the future of the Italian PV market: which developments and which investments the industry must undertake to reach the objectives set by the National Energy Strategy introduced in November 2017.

The support for education, along with daily activities of clean energy generations and continuous development of know-how and technologies, means to us an essential commitment to contribute to a clean energy future for our State.

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