EF Solare Italy has firmly endorsed the Charter for the sustainable re-launch of photovoltaic, whose values, objectives and methods are perfectly in line with the vision of the company.


The Italian photovoltaic is tasked with providing a fundamental contribution in achieving the decarbonisation objectives of the national electricity system in the next few years. EF Solare Italia, together with other operators across the supply chain, has decided to take on the commitment for the necessary growth of the sector by signing last June the Charter for the sustainable re-launch of photovoltaic.

The National Energy Strategy of two years ago, had set for 2030 a penetration of 27% of renewables on final energy consumption in Italy. The goal was then raised to 30% in the “Proposal of the National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate for the period 2021-2030”, sent by the Italian government to the European Union in recent weeks. For the electricity sector, the target is for a penetration of renewables of more than 50%. The national photovoltaic sector, to support this evolution, is asked to triple its production in just over a decade.

The Charter for the sustainable relaunch of photovoltaics was born with the intention of defining and sharing, among all the subjects involved, basic principles and guidelines for achieving the goals for the growth of solar energy in Italy according to economic, social and environmental criteria. 

It started from a study carried out specifically by Althesys, which analyzed the conditions for relaunching the photovoltaic sector and highlighted the advantages that investments in utility plant scales in the coming years will offer the country. Summing up, they quantified in: 11 billion Euros generated by direct economic impact, induced and consumption; employment growth in the sector up to 19,700 new direct and indirect jobs; 26.5 TWh of increased production from renewable sources in the electricity sector and a reduction in emissions of 12.8 million equivalent tons of CO2.

Starting from this scenario, five key principles have been identified within the Charter: the valorization and protection of natural resources, the development coordinated with the electrical infrastructures, the enhancement and development of technology and skills, the relationship with territories, local institutions and communities, protection of the environment and recycling, developing the e-waste management chain.

The main objectives of the signatories are: improving the efficiency of the existing photovoltaic plants, limit the costs of growth; reducing the environmental impact, also in terms of soil consumption and component recycling, contributing to the technological development of the sector and to the economics of territories and communities.

EF Solare Italy has firmly endorsed the Charter, whose values, objectives and methods are perfectly in line with the vision of the company, the leading Italian photovoltaic operator, which today is the technological leader driving consolidation and growth in the sector through operational excellence, technological innovation and the development of new plants.

Read the Charter for the sustainable re-launch of photovoltaic

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