EF Solare Italia is committed in spreading the culture of sustainable energy among the new generations. EF Solare Italia has chosen to support a new high-level training project: Accademia del Sole.


The Italian photovoltaic sector is expected to triple electricity production in the next decade, to reach the target of over 70 TWh (for an installed capacity of 52 GW) set by the last PNIEC. The development of renewable energy sources in the national energy mix will also have important repercussions on employment: an estimated demand for at least 19,000 new professionals. A new high-level training project, sponsored by Elettricità Futura, is dedicated to future maintenance technicians and installers of photovoltaic systems: the Accademia del Sole.

The Accademia del Sole was created by the ELIS Consortium, a non-profit educational reality committed to the professional training of young people, and offers an educational path divided into five months of full time lessons, in the classroom and in the laboratory, followed by six months of paid internship at the facilities of the sponsor companies.

EF Solare Italia has chosen to support the project. Together with the other companies involved, it will concretely contribute to the professional specialization of young people, who find themselves in disadvantaged conditions, enhancing their talent and participating in the design of the course and its teaching. The specialist lectures will be given directly by representatives of the companies who, in this way, will transfer their skills, abilities and experience useful to enter the world of work. In particular, EF Solare Italia will illustrate to the participants of the academy both elements of mechanics and thermodynamics, and the technical standards of reference in the sector.

“As the first photovoltaic operator in Italy, we strongly believe in the importance of supporting education and training initiatives such as the Accademia del Sole, to guide the growth of the solar sector not only through the development of new systems, but also through operational excellence and innovation. To this end, in 2019, EF Solare Italia started a process of internalization of Operation & Maintenance activities that will lead to the presence of specialized and highly qualified personnel in the areas where we are most present with the aim of improving the technical performance of our plants”, explained Diego Percopo, CEO of EF Solare Italia, who attended the inauguration ceremony.

EF Solare Italia is committed in spreading the culture of sustainable energy among the new generations, both at early school levels, with guided tours of the plants and educational installations, and among university students, supporting the specialized training for future professionals offered by the EFER Master and the SAFE Master

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