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Use of cookie

This website (the “Website”) uses cookies and similar technologies for better user’s navigation and browsing experience through the Website and to make its services as efficient and user-friendly as possible, as explained in more detail below. The personal data controller in charge of cookies’ functioning on the Website is EF SOLARE ITALIA SPA, with registered office in Via Luisa di Savoia, 18 – 00196 Rome. The full policy on the processing of personal data collected through the Website is available at this link.


When the Website is visited, a minimum amount of information is stored in the user’s device as small text files called “cookies”, which are stored in the user’s web browser directory. There are different types of cookies, but the main purpose of a cookie is to ensure better Website’s functioning and enable certain functions.   

Cookies are used to improve user’s global browsing experience. In particular:

  1. They ensure efficient browsing from a web page to another;
  2. They store user name and preferences;
  3. They avoid repeatedly entering the same information (with user name and password) during the same browsing session;
  4. They measure the use of services and improve browsing experience and services;
  5. They provide targeted advertising information in relation to user’s browsing interests and behaviour.

Similar technologies such as, for example, web beacon, clear GIFs and all local storage solutions introduced in HTML5, may be used to collect information on the user’s behaviour and use of services. In this policy the term “cookie” refers to all similar technologies.

Types of cookie

Following are the types of cookies used on the Website, with a description of their purpose relating to the use:

a) Technical session cookies:

ENEL F2I SOLARE ITALIA SPA uses this type of cookies for the correct functioning of some areas of the Website. Without these cookies, the Website or some of its parts may not function properly. The lifetime of these cookies is strictly limited to the working session (they are deleted when closing the browser).

This type of cookies are always sent from the web domain of ENEL F2I SOLARE ITALIA SPA.

b) Third-party analytic cookies

The Website uses analytic cookies managed by other organisations (“Third Parties”), but some tools are used to reduce their identifying capacity and the Third Parties do not merge the information collected with others in their possession. The processing of the information collected by Third Parties is governed by their own policies you may refer to.

In particular, below are the web addresses of the pages containing the information on the methods for managing Third-Party cookies:

Cookie name Type Link to policy
Google Analytics/Google Inc. Cookie technical Google Link

These privacy policies may differ from that of ENEL F2I SOLARE ITALIA SPA, which is therefore not liable towards Third-Party websites.

This kind of cookies are used to collect information on the use of the Website. ENEL F2I SOLARE ITALIA SPA uses this information for statistical analyses, for improving the Website and simplifying its use, as well as monitoring its correct functioning. This type of cookies collect anonymous information on the users’ Website activity and on how they reached the Website and visited pages.

This type of cookies are sent by Third Parties’ web domains.

Cookies management

The user may consent or not to the use of cookies through their browser settings. Attention: the total or partial disabling of technical cookies may affect the use of some Website’s functions.

Disabling “third party” cookies does not affect navigation. The setting may be specifically chosen for the different websites and web applications.

The main browsers allow to choose different settings for both “first-party” and “third-party” cookies. Please find below the instructions to remove cookies:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox

For more information on the available options to limit the use of cookies, please visit the website: