Everyday our team works to best express its skills and to make EF SOLARE ITALIA the unquestioned leader in the Italian photovoltaic sector.


Everyday our team searches for technical and managerial solutions aiming at optimising and industrialising the photovoltaic sector. The research activity starts from the territory, the place where sinergies among universities, research centers, O&M companies and public-private partnerships are most rooted and fruitful.

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals: engineers, financial experts, photovoltaic plants scouting specialists, legal consultants.

The most advanced technologies and our staff’s managerial skills allow EF Solare Italia to be the leading player in the photovoltaic sector.

Organizational Chart


The EF Solare Italia Group is sensitive to the need of ensuring fair and transparent business conduct and corporate activities, in order to protect its position and image as well as those of its subsidiaries, the expectations of its shareholders and the work of its employees. For this reason, EF Solare Italia has considered compliant with its company policies the implementation of an Organization, Management and Control Model as provided for by Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 and the Code of Ethics which forms an integral part of it.

Paolo Duiella


Andrea Ghiselli


Giuseppe Noviello

Vice Chairman

Corrado Santini

Board Member

Alessandra Moiana

Board Member

Tommaso Di Tanno

Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Francesco Rocco

Statutory Auditor

Dario Colombo

Statutory Auditor

Alberto De Nigro

Chairman of the Supervisory Board – External Member

Niccolò Bertolini Clerici

External Member

Ubaldo Zanetti

Internal Member

Code of etichs

    231 Model


      Health Safety Environment

        Health, Safety and Environmental protection are key values of our business, shared by all EF Solare Italia personnel and transmitted to all stakeholders.