“Our strategy has allowed us to guarantee an industrial approach. Now we are focusing on operational excellence, technological innovation and development, with the aim of continuing to grow, possibly also abroad.” Diego Percopo, CEO of EF Solare Italia

Our development

We operate within the market of electricity production from photovoltaic sources. This is a constantly growing market which is undergoing a deep transformation. We need to overcome its fragmented nature in order to fully exploit the possibilities of costs reduction for construction, for encouraging new investments, for job creation as well as increased energy efficiency. We need to consolidate the photovoltaic market in Italy.

EF SOLARE ITALIA pursues the objective of being an aggregator operating on the secondary market with an industrial approach, based on asset management optimisation. This is also possible using a platform which allows us to manage small-sized photovoltaic plants in a comprehensive manner. We aim at creating a large photovoltaic plants aggregation, thus acting as a driver for operating efficiency and technological evolution in the sector and offering opportunities to small and medium owners of photovoltaic plants.

We implement strategies for acquiring new photovoltaic plants on the Italian territory through constant “intelligence” and study activity in the sector. We research, identify and manage contacts with landowners. We carry out technical and authorisation screenings of plants. We collect data to undertake prior assessments.

In our development plan we expect to own plants that are distributed throughout Italy. We want to optimise their management and maximise their performance, to both our benefit and that of our sellers.

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